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Social Media Management Tools I Have Used To Grow My Business!

I love to recommend best social media management tools and other things that have helped my business, so that they can help you in yours. I have used all of the following Social Media Tools and resources and would only recommend things I truly believe in (which is why the list isn’t very long!)

Some of these are affiliate links, which won’t affect your purchase should you choose to trial them but means I may get a commission if you purchase.

Social Media Tools

Convert Kit - Free Trial Plan

No need to invest loads of money or waste valuable time figuring out how to start your business at the beginning. All you need is a platform and the ability to grow your audience.

Social Media Resource

Write Your Website

Transform your website from a sales-sabotaging, shame-inducing waste of pixels, into a lead-generating, money-making machine. The next round of Write Your Website starts 10th May. Want to know more?

Social Media Marketing

Create Irrestistable Offers

Do You Sell Your Expertise As 1-1 Services Or Online Digital Products (Like Courses, Group Programmes And Memberships?

Social Media Tools

Powerhouse Content Planner

THOUSANDS of people have said YES to using a done-for-you marketing system for service based entrepreneurs who don’t have time to create social media content or HATE writing! The Powerhouse Content Planner was designed to take the overwhelm out of marketing and become the FASTEST & EASIEST product you’ve EVER used.

Social Media Tools

Canva - Design Better, Faster - 30 Day Free Trial

The Ultimate Design Tool, Create Your Own Templates, Edit With More Handy Tools & Share In Any Size Within Minutes. I could not survive without Canva.


Elizabeth Goddard - What a Star!

An Online Business Strategist, but basically she create's courses and trainings that help online business owners with online businessy things.

Best Social Media Management Tool

Social Pilot - 14 Day Free Trial

Doing 'more' requires 'more' effort. Wrong! SocialPilot's bulk scheduling feature helps you to do 'more' with 'less' effort. Check it out now

Agora pulse - 14 Day Free Trial

Stay organised, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools. This is up there with one of my Fave's!

Blogs Or Guides That I Have Found And Loved Along The Way!

I have read and learned from of the following Social Media Tools and resources and would only recommend things which truly helped me grow my business.

Some of these are affiliate links, which  means I may get a commission if you purchase.

Freebie: A Beginner's Guide to ConvertKit

Learn how to get set up and using ConvertKit straight away! Once I decided to use Convert Kit, I wanted to know everything about it, Lizzie is a certified convert kit expert!

Blog Post: How to Clean Your ConvertKit List (The Unscary Way!)

Lizzy taught me the best (and least scariest) way to remove those cold subscribers. ... How to Clean Your ConvertKit List (The Unscary Way!)

The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Learn super simple tips and strategies for how I earn $1.5k+ a month through affiliate marketing without really trying - minimum effort, maximum $$!

Blog Post: How to run multiple businesses and projects from one ConvertKit account

This one is super important for me. 1 - It saves me paying for a second subscription, and 2 - I am launching a membership for dads called TopDad ( Find me on Facebook ) to help other dads connect and get any support they need.

Blog Post: Idea to launch to paying customers in 24 hours

This blog post is simply brilliant. I had an idea, I followed literally these steps, got out of my own way - and did it - less faffing, get it done!

Webinar: $60k tech specialism niche

Are you a total superstar at an online tech tool/system, and want to use that superpower to scale your business - help more people, make more money and work less? Check this out from Lizzy!

Blog Post: The top 3 mistakes people make with ConvertKit forms!

If you’d like to learn more about using ConvertKit to its full potential, check out this blog.

The Fast Guide to Launching

The Fast Guide to Launching is a 4-module online course that I did, covering the exact process I used to plan out and implement my launch fast.

The Quickstart Guide to Profitable Live Trainings

Discover Lizzie's start-to-finish process to create, promote, sell, and repurpose paid live trainings, a.k.a. the super quick, super profitable type of digital product nobody is talking about. This was gamechanging for me!

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