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Social Media Guides

Facebook Ads Jargon Buster

You'll Learn Your CPC to your CTR. Your ROAS to your Pixel. With a clear layout and easy to read information you'll have a clear understanding of the Facebook language. While there is a lot to master, this book will provide a tried and true path to make consistent progress.

Social Media Guide

How To Set Up Your Instagram Shop

Instagram Shops offer so much opportunity to product based businesses and in this guide I'll show you how you can set up your Shop to reach new buyers on the platform.

Social Media Guides

5 Tips to Optimise your Instagram Account!

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Social Media Guides

Social Media For Small Business

This super eBook covers all aspects from strategy, to hashtags. Perfect for a business owner managing their own social media.

Social Media Guides

6 Top Tools For Managing Social Media

This guide provides an insight into my top 6 favourite tools I use to manage not only my Social Media, but my client's as well.