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Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit – is for businesses who want a detailed overview of their social media marketing techniques and strategy to grow more following and produce more traffic to their website.  

I’m ready!

Here’s How Your Social Media Audit Works…

Does your business have a social media presence?
Are you getting visitors to your social media but not sales?
Are your customers not clicking through to your website?
Are you getting confused and want to find out why?


The Social Media Audit, this fantastic audit reviews your current social media channels based on industry best practices and gives you expert tips and advice all in one report. 

The Social Media Audit covers all important aspects of your current social media.

Using an easy to read traffic light system, your social media is ranked on the following: 

Your social media audit is presented as a pdf file for you to keep forever!

You will also receive:

🥇 Full PDF report based on your social media strategy.
🥇  A recorded video of your presentation, talking you through each stage, and the best practise to have a bigger impact.
🥇 Recommendations to improve your engagement. 

Only £99! I only have space for a couple of these a week, hurry and book yours, bookings are very limited.

Buy a Social Media Audit 

Special Offer £20 off!! Only £79 for July!

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Social Media Audit
Social Media Audit

Here’s What Will Happen…

Lightbulb Moment!! The breakthrough!! 

Your problems are no longer a problem. Your questions are about to be answered.

Not by a friend, or their mate, or someone who
” Knows a bit about Social Media! “

By a qualified social media professional, with real life career experience of working in marketing and social media for a leading highstreet retailer in the UK, better yet, who actually does this for a living. Time to get excited!! 

The time wasting is over!!
You can have the answers and direction, you can now concentrate on growing your business, not worrying about your social media. Time to turn those visitors into customers, and those customers into sales!

What does that future look like now? You are now growing your following, more customers are seeing your product’s? They are now even going to buy them!! 

Now you’re seeing more website traffic than ever before!

By now, you are on your back on the floor waving your arms and legs in the air with excitement! I can picture it now! Fate some might say!!

You’re now feeling pumped up, excited, optimistic, wishing you had done this sooner!

Get Your Audit!

What Clients Are Saying

“A fantastic service which I have found so valuable in attracting new clients and growing my new business”
Phil Martin
Phil MartinHarris Webb & Co
“Gavin is highly engaging and a great listener when it comes to discussing your marketing and business requirements. He paid attention to the details and understood what I did want and what I wanted to avoid.”
Nicole Edwards
Nicole EdwardsBusiness Owner
“Gavin gave me a detailed breakdown of areas that would enhance my social media presence with lots of tips and ideas to increase sales and following. He was really prompt with replying to emails and had a friendly approach which really helps for the less techy of us! I would highly recommend as he has a lot of knowledge and experience in this field and is always happy to go the extra mile”
Beth Turner-Collins
Beth Turner-CollinsThe Accessory Tree

Are You Ready To Finally get customers clicking through to your website?

So for the cost of a couple of dinners out, you can have your social media audited by a professional, with top tips and recommendations to get those pesky customers clicking the right buttons! 

Only £99! I only do a couple of these a week, so bookings are very limited.

Step 1 – Click the order button, you will be taken to a small form to fill in, I just need  your business name and social media handles.

Step 2 – An invoice will be emailed to you for your records.

Step 3 – Once payment has been made I will send the social media audit and audio presentation to you via email within three days of booking. 

I aim to have social media audits returned to customers within three working days, although that’s I will endeavour to get it to you sooner. 

Dont Miss Out On My Special Offer 👉🏻 £20 off!! Only £79 for July!

Lets do it!


What if I’m just starting out?

That’s Ok, anyone just starting out will get great benefit from my audit. You want to make a great impression on your customers from the start of your journey and make sure they are seeing what you want them to see. 

How Long Will This Take?

The audi will be completed, recorded and sent to you within three working days. Implementaton depends on your circumstances, and the changes that need to be made to fully maximise the benefit of your social media. 

What if I don’t learn anything new?

If you don’t get any suggestions and tips, that’s ok. Let me know within 7 days and I’ll get you a refund. 

I’ve got another question…

Great! Use the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page and let’s chat.

How else can we work together?

That’s a great question! You can check out my 👉🏻 services page 👈🏻 I offer one to one coaching hours. Or you can hire me to run your Social Media Accounts or Manage your Facebook & IG Ads. 

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