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facebook ads jargon buster

You'll Learn Your CPC to your CTR. Your ROAS to your Pixel. With a clear layout and easy to read information you'll have a clear understanding of the Facebook language. While there is a lot to master, this book will provide a tried and true path to make consistent progress.

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Guide 2

Social Media For Business

This Ebook Contains all the essential information you'll need to use Social Media in business effectivly: ✔Getting Started ✔Steps for Creating a Social Media Strategy ✔Understanding Best Practices and Pitfalls ✔ Nuts & Bolts ✔Social Media and Networking Platforms ✔ Social media strategy, the main considerations ✔Key activities plan for social media strategy ✔Mapping your strategy ✔Measuring Your Social Media Efforts ✔ Best Practices for Engaging In Social Media

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Free Guide " 6 Top Tools For Managing Your Social Media! "

Need inspiration for content? Need to find the best tool to quickly post your social media? Even want to become a Social media Manager? My FREE guide will show you the hottest tools available right now, the best bit... I use all of these myself!

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Guide 4

How to Set Up your instagram shop

Instagram Shops offer so much opportunity to product based businesses and in this guide I'll show you how you can set up your Shop to reach new buyers on the platform. Once you've set up your shop you'll be able to tag products in photos, videos and carousels as well as your stories.

Make Your Shop, Work For You!

A detailed guide to setting up your Instagram Shop.

Guide 5

5 Tips to Optimise your Instagram Account!

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