Facebook Ads Digital Masterclass

The Facebook Ads Masterclass is a downloadable course that will provide a deeper understanding of Facebook Ads and set you up for success.  

Does This Sound Like You?..

Are you using Facebook Ads right now?
Are you wasting your money with no real return?

Have you learned the detailed understanding needed to run a successful ad campaign?

Do you know who your ideal customer is, who they are where they live?
I’m guessing you don’t know if they have been on your website, then disappeared with no way of re-targeting them with an ad?

Are you now at the point of needing help, you are tired? Tired of wasting money and tired of seeing the same results? 

By now you have seen all the videos on Youtube that you still don’t understand, you may have already attended a workshop?
Chances are you are just throwing more money at your ad campaigns hoping they will improve? 

Right now, I suspect you are at the bottom of that hill, thinking of the best way to climb to the top? But you are tired, run down, beaten!
You want to climb that hill to success, you just don’t know which way to go and how to get there? 

Facebook Ads Digital Masterclass
Facebook Ads Digital Masterclass

Here's What Will Happen...

YES, Here it is, You found it! That signpost you need!

You can now start that journey to success, your problems are no longer a problem. 

Your questions have been answered.
You are relieved, you can see the benefits of following this advice!

Now you can maximise the potential of your ads, climb that hill, and reach those additional sales at the top!

My experience as a Marketing professional and working for one of the biggest high-street retailers in the UK is that I am a trained professional.
I do this professionally for a living.

You don’t need to climb that hill alone, that’s what I’m here for, your guide, your helping hand, even a friend. 

Do you know what your business looks like now? Thriving! You are not wasting money, those days are gone. Now you are maximising your ad campaigns, reaching the right customers with the right ads, you are retargeting the ones that left the item in a basket or disappeared down that hill!
You are now growing your following, more customers are seeing your product’s. You have extra money to spend on more Facebook Ads, and make more money! Your bank balance is growing!

I bet you’re now asking why you hadn’t done this sooner. I can feel your happiness, I can picture your success, I’ve been in your hiking boots! 

Ok, So What's Inside?

Facebook Ads Masterclass is designed for business owners who are using Facebook Ads to sell more of their products or services. It will provide a deeper understanding of Facebook Ads and set you up for success.

Buy your download online and you’ll receive access to your Masterclass. Perfect to watch and refer back to at a time to suit you! 

The Facebook Ads Masterclass Includes: 

  • Introduction to myself, my business and my experience. 
  • What you will learn from the workshop. 
  • Understand how an Ad campaign is structured
  • How to build the different audiences. And how to retarget them. 

You should have a good understanding of your ideal customer, we will create a user persona, and you will learn to use audience insights.  

  • Scheduling, placement, budget. 
  • How to construct a high performing ad. 
  • How to conduct split testing and measure and results. 
  • The basics of the Facebook Pixel – I’ll show you how to find it ( if you don’t already have it ) so the techy’s out there can do this themselves, otherwise you will at least know what to ask your web developer.

£99 for the knowledge to return unlimited income from being able to run your Facebook Ad Campaigns properly.

Download it here now.

If you are looking for an MOT on your ads, someone to look under the hood, check out my audit here.

Facebook Ads Digital Masterclass

What My Clients Are Saying..

Are You Ready To Finally Stop Wasting Your Ad Budget?

How much are you spending on Facebook Ads each month?
Is that money working as hard as it could?
Do you know how to check?
Can you see Return on Investment on the changes you make?

This masterclass will show you how!

£99 per session. For the cost of a small tweak that could make you 000’s, this masterclass download is a pre-recorded version here now.

Simply click that big blue button, you will be redirected to my payment portal. From there an integrated system will take payment and you will receive email confirmation.

So click the download workshop button where you will be redirected to payment, and your download will be available for you to get started right away. 

If that all seems like too much time, I also manage Facebook Ad Campaigns, details can be found here. 


Not a problem, this workshop is available for you to download, you can watch it at a time and place suitable for you!

Think about the time it takes to do (task) now, because you’re not going to have to worry about that anymore

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