Facebook Ads Audit

for a business owner that is already using Facebook Ads for Advertising, but is not getting the return they are expecting.

I too have wasted time and money on Facebook Ads, but I have spent time and money on becoming a trained specialist to help business owners like you!

Facebook Ads Jargon Buster

If you answered NO to any of these questions, My Facebook Ads Audit can help you!

I set up this service to help business owners just like you! More importantly, I’ve helped business owners, just like you!

Facebook Ads Summary


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Hi, I’m Gavin, Nice to meet you! 
I have invested time and money to become a Facebook Ads Strategist.

I have an education in digital marketing, and am a professionally certified Social Media Marketing Manager. 

If you have any question’s write now, you can drop me a message in the chat box. Let’s Chat 🤓


Facebook Ads Jargon Buster

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Facebook Ads Jargon Buster

Emma was a business owner like you, she needed help with Facebook Ads and booked my Audit:

“Gavin was a huge help in giving me advice on my social channels. It was great to get an outsiders opinion on what’s working and what is not working. The tips he gave me have helped me hugely – would 100% recommend”

Emma C. Business Owner

Facebook Ads


ALL FOR £99!

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