Meet Gavin

How I went from the boring 9-5 retail management to successful online entrepreneur!

I used to Struggle Just Like You...

Before my business I was a store manager for a major high-street retailer.
I had been in retail management for over 15 years and absolutely loved my job.

When COVID first struck and the world stopped, I had the opportunity to work in the Marketing team specifically social media. I spent months working on a project with Facebook pages, and with an education in digital marketing, gave me the opportunity to use the skills I had forgotten I loved. 

During my journey there have been some bumps in the road, the biggest one was the conversation with the wife explaining that I wanted to give up my salaried job in pursuit of starting a new business, freelancing, in a world pandemic, with no client list.

Tricky conversation at the time but luckily I married a good one, who is so understanding. 

Luckily it didn’t take long for the phone to ring and now I get to work with some great people. 

Facebook Ads Expert

Then I Took A New Action..

I decided to stop throwing my money away on Facebook Ads and invest it to help business owners just like you! I became a professionally qualified Social Media Marketing Manager and Facebook Ads Pro! I get to work with my dream clients, to help them generate more leads and convert more sales!

Social Media Help

Now I'm An Expert Who's Equipped To Help You Do The Same...

Gavin has a First Class Degree in Business Management ( Bristol ) and is professionally qualify in the foundations of digital marketing. 

Now specializing in social media marketing and Facebook Ads, Gavin is a certified social media professional
( Social Media Pro ), has a Social Marketing Certification ( Hootsuite ), Certified Social Media Marketing Manager ( The CPD Group ), Agorapulse Certification Course (Agorapulse Academy)

He has also been certified by Google in Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Most recently Gavin has gone on to become certified in Facebook Ads Management.

In Gavin’s professional career, he has worked for a major highstreet retailer and played a pivotal role in the Facebook page campaign the retailer launched during the pandemic.

That campaign has grown to over 400 pages communicating about the business to over 3 million customers a week. 

Are You Ready To Generate More Leads And Convert More Sales?

I have a range of free resources available to help you maximise the potential of social media for your business. I have a dedicated learning hub for you to join called ” Making Facebook Ads Simple ” as well as a range of other Social Media and Facebook Ads Management services, coaching sessions and audits.