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Having a Social Media Strategy and Allocating money to social media advertising is a great idea.  Even with rising competition, the cost per result for social media campaigns is the best. in comparison to other forms of digital advertising. The key is to have a strong strategy, which requires a little more forward planning before jumping in. This post outlines the four must-have elements of a strong social advertising campaign. First we need to establish an understanding of where social advertising fits into the customer journey. While social media ads generate conversions, they often don’t receive the credit they deserve.
This is due to giving credit to the last ad a user interacts with before they buy. This isn’t ideal when you consider the fact that most social media activity is “top of funnel”, or awareness driven. That’s not to say you can’t structure campaigns to help convert people who are ready to buy at a higher rate, that’s for another blog. When structuring a strong social media strategy, you’ll want to include four specific elements.
Here they are:

1. Strategy – Community Growth

In social media marketing, wisdom has told us to not put too much stock in the number of followers you have. Attracting fluff followers to look good won’t help you much when it comes to actual business results.  By growing a targeted audience that has clear interest in your brand will lead to lower advertising costs.  This will be from greater reach and reinforced brand authority. Using social advertising to grow your communities. There’s no shame in having a small, engaged community. As long as those individuals are helping move the needle on your brand’s key performance indicators.

2. Strategy – Engagement

Brand engagement is the holy grail for social media marketing – after all, that’s why social media exists. We use social advertising to promote content to a specific audience. This ensures you’re delivering the right message to the right people. Then we not having to rely on Facebooks’ ever changing algorithm (yep, I said it). The important thing to remember when using social advertising to drive engagement is that not all engagement is equal. It’s very easy to get people to notice a catchy motivational graphic or a funny video. But, it’s much more difficult to get people to pay attention to the content that speaks to what your brand provides.  You might need a little of both. You should focus your advertising on the content that generates traction. These content pieces will pop the biggest when some investment’s put behind them.

3. Strategy – Website Clicks

Social advertising campaign’s that drive targeted traffic to your website are a top driver of business results. Yes, the other elements are important. But to get users to convert, you have to get them off Facebook and onto your site (unless you’re running Lead Ads). Almost all social media platforms now have robust targeting parameters which enable you to zoom in on your target customers. Social media traffic usually has higher bounce rates. It can also cause lower time on site and less pages per visit than other digital advertising tactic. But, it’s still very important to get fresh users to your site, and in your marketing funnels.

4. Strategy – Retargeting

User’s will see your ad on social media, click it, browse your site, then get distracted by something else and leave. Whether it be by closing their phone or leaving their desktop. This is where retargeting comes in. Using a website pixel, email list or even video views, you can serve ads to those users who’ve shown meaningful intentions with your site (or content). But then haven’t converted.  This tactic is a great way to remind users about your brand at a cost-effective rate. I recommend leveraging retargeting in your social advertising strategy. The exciting thing about social media marketing is that there are always new tactics to try, new strategies to test. The scary thing is that there’s only so much budget to go around, and days in each month. If you’re trying to build a home base for your social advertising strategy, these four elements will put you on the path to success. 

Be sure to test, abandon tactics that don’t yield results, and always optimize where possible. 

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