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Why should you outsource your Facebook Ads to a freelancer? Every business has a target audience, but actively reaching out to that audience isn’t something every business does, or does well. Facebook Ads is one sure way of getting your service, product or brand in front of your target consumer. Through paid Facebook advertisements, your business can reach its target audience, or lookalike audiences, through a series of ad campaigns to suit you. Whether it’s lead generation, video or carousel ads, there’s an option to suit you.

Although it’s a great tool every business should be exploring, not everyone has the internal resources or knowledge to get started. That’s why it’s important to outsource your Facebook Ads to a reputable Facebook Ads Manager like myself, who specialises in Facebook Ads management.

Why should you outsource your Facebook Ads to a freelancer?

Agencies are usually the go-to option for businesses because they offer a larger team to run your ads, which understandably sounds more enticing than one person. However, this makes agencies more expensive, which leaves less room for your budget to be spent on what’s more important – your Facebook ads. Agencies also lack what freelancers boast, which is offering a personalised service.

With a freelancer like myself, you have one dedicated person who lives and breathes social media and can offer you 1-2-1 support. I can carry out all the work you can’t from drawing up a strategy based on your audience and what they engage with, to creating, testing and running campaigns. I can also provide detailed reporting on your Facebook ads, outlining what works and what doesn’t, to define next steps. There’s also the assurance that I’ll get to know you and your business, to truly understand what your goals are and ensure your budget is used effectively. No matter how big or small the campaigns are, I will ensure you get the most out of your paid advertising budget.

I take care of everything from planning the strategy, setting up the ads, monitoring their performance and delivering you great results through regular reporting. This gives you more headspace to focus on other areas of your business.

Why are Facebook Ads important for your business?

To expand on the above points, they allow you to target your audience based on a multitude of demographics: age, location, interests, gender and more. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your consumer; you’re able to reach your audience in ways you couldn’t with organic with easy tracking to determine your return on investment; and your consumer will see ads relevant to them making them more likely to engage, then convert later down the funnel. Whether that conversion is a phone call, a sale, a download or another action, your ads can be optimised to deliver based on your goals.

Daily, Facebook is used more than once by 44 percent of the UK online population. Of the total population of the UK, 66 percent of people are Facebook users. Of the UK adults that go online, only 21 percent haven’t used Facebook at all. As of 2017, the company obtained a market share of 75% of the UK social media market – continuing to be the most dominant service in the landscape.

In Summary

In today’s online world, organic reach is declining which means paid reach is more important than ever before. Regardless of how many followers your page has, no longer are your posts showing up in front of them. This is all thanks to how Facebook’s algorithms work, which make businesses turn to paid advertising. You now know why you should you outsource your Facebook Ads to a freelancer.

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