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Who am I? Why did I start my own business in Social Media Management?

More than 60% of the world’s population on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other top social media networks.

Hi, my name is Gavin Foley and I have founded Measured Social. My passion in life ( other than my wonderful wife and children ) is helping others grow their businesses through the power of Social.
I wanted to start a business that helps entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and established businesses harness their social media to grow their audience, engage with their customers and drive the illusive traffic to their website.

Over the coming weeks, I aim to blog about all things social media: How I started my business from scratch, the mistakes along the way, and the success that I have had so far.

In summary, I hope to inspire someone who is also still living in a 9-5 that it is safe to jump, and anything CAN happen!

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My name is Gavin - Founder of Measured Social. I am a Freelance Facebook Ads Specialist and Social Media Marketing Consultant. I specialise in Paid Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing Strategies, Social Media Management Services and Social Media Training and Coaching.

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