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Do you find yourself hitting the Facebook boost post button and hoping for results? Or setting up an ads campaign on the fly, hoping for leads?

It’s tough out there! With this type of advertising being so accessible to people, it’s easy to waste money – we’ve all been there (even me) it’s really frustrating!! But this doesn’t have to be the case!

The good news is a freelancer like me can sometimes be a really affordable option when I won’t have the large agency overheads but do have the expertise needed to get a client a real ROI.

And when you have this solution, you’ll feel much better!

I can help you over a longer time period, and give you a bit more hand holding over a few weeks. We can work out your advertising strategy, discuss audiences and carry out testing. Then, once your ads are running, you can check in with me to get additional support along the way to ensure they are optimised for success.

In the long term, we will be discussing how to scale and really grow your ad campaigns with that additional money, just imagine that instead of those Facebook invoices rolling in and wondering to yourself what you got for that money.

The excitement will build like it did with my business, when you look ahead at what will be, instead of worrying about what had happened. Are you ready for your future?

Meet Gavin

Facebook Ads Expert

Meet Gavin...

I’m a Social Media Marketing Manager and Facebook Ads Strategist and after working in Social Media for a large high-street retailer, I now help businesses target their perfect customer’s to generate more leads and convert more sales.

Gavin has a First Class Degree in Business Management ( Bristol ), and continued in his professional career to qualify in the foundations of digital marketing. 

Now specializing in social media marketing, Gavin is a certified social media professional ( Social Media Pro ), Has a Social Marketing Certification
( Hootsuite ), Certified Social Media Marketing Manager
( The CPD Group ), Agorapulse Certification Course (Agorapulse Academy)

He has also been certified by Google in Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Most recently Gavin has gone on to become certified in Facebook Ads Management.

What I do is different because instead of an agency, I get to know my clients and their business on a personal level. I treat their business and budget like my own, I love to deliver the personal service! I’ve been in your shoes, I know what it takes!  

My mission is to get your business in front of more customers! 

Ready to scale up, invest even more and discuss how to scale your Ads and really grow your campaigns with that additional money?

Here's How I Can Help You:

A ‘done for you’ service which will see me getting to know your business, your target customer and your goals before coming up with an advertising plan.

Designed for those who are using, or want to start using Facebook Ads to sell more of their products or services. It will provide a deeper understanding of Facebook Ads, how to create and run your campaigns and set you up for success.

For Businesses already running Facebook Ads but not getting the return they are expecting.  

Not sure where to start? 

Let’s jump on a free call to find out what your best next step is to move your business forwards!

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